Puush Overview - Sites and Projects

Puush allows the creation and execution of a variety of project types.  By storing data on not only Projects, but Sites as well, puush is able to keep historic records on site projects in a powerful way.

What are Sites?

Sites are how puush defines a collection of information and history on a physical location.  Site information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Historic projects
  • Location
  • Custom data
  • Assets located at the site
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Comments
  • Issues

Examples of Sites

  • Communication Towers
  • Rooftops
  • Network nodes
  • Fiber connections
  • Relay sites

What are Projects?

Projects are the core means that puush collects data, plans and executes tasks.  Projects are created by combining Deliverables or tasks and tracking their due dates, schedules, assignments, and completion. Projects can be very simple, and only track the status of a set of Deliverables.  However, Projects become more powerful when the Deliverables are tracked across multiple sites, or on non-site items.  By doing so, you are now able to collect data into reports and explore the relationship and timelines of these items.

What are Non-Site Items?

Most Projects are a collection of Sites with a similar Scope of Work (SOW).  This SOW is the collective set of Deliverables defined by the project.  When using Sites, the history and data collected across multiple projects is stored, searchable, and easy to access.

Sometimes, though, depending on the life cycle of the project, or the type of project being tracked, using a Site for each item does not make sense as there is no need to keep a historic record.  In these cases Non-Site Items can be added to the project to gain most functionality of adding a site, such as data collection and reporting, without the complexity of creating an actual Site.  Non-Site Items also do not count towards your company subscription site limits.

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