Check In and Out of sites

Check In vs Clock In

Within puush, Checking In involves logging a users In and Out time with regard to a Project or Site.  When checking in or out, the button will specify "Check".

Clocking in and out logs a users times without regard to any Project or Site.  This is used for general purpose time and activity tracking.

Checking In

  1. Navigate to project, then click on Site name to view project site page.
    Navigate directly to a Site overview page.
  2. Click "Check In" button from Time menu in top bar.
  3. Select "Activity" if available, add comment, and click "Submit" button.

Checking Out

  1. From any page.
  2. Time menu in top bar will be green if currently checked in.  Click "Check Out" button from Time menu.
  3. Add comment and click "Submit" button.
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