Defining Time Sheet Activities

  1. Open "Pay Rates" from "Accounting" menu.
  2. Scroll to bottom and find "Pay Activities"

Define Default Pay Rate

  1. The "Default Pay Rate" will be used for all users if their own default pay rate has not been defined.  This field may be left blank.
  2. Enter default pay rate into field at the top of the Pay Activities section.  Click "Save" button to the right of the pay rate.

Creating New Pay Activities

  1. Enter a new Name and Pay Rate.
  2. Hit "Add" button to create the new pay rate.
  3. Your new Pay Activity will be added to the list.


Deleting Pay Activities

  1. To delete an Activity, click on the "Delete" button in the left column of the Activities table.

Editing Pay Activities

  1. To edit an Activity, enter a name identical to the activity you wish to edit into the "Add Pay Activity" Name field.
  2. Enter your new pay rate.
  3. Click "Add" Button.
  4. The existing pay rate will be changed to your new pay rate.
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