Time Sheet Overview

Time Sheets provide a means of taking your users Check In and Out times and turning them into detailed time sheets for export to your payroll and accounting provider.  Check In's can be combined with manually added times, and times can be coded by custom defined activity types.

Check In's are available for all accounts, but Time Sheets are only available to companies who have subscribed to the "Accounting" module.  Contact support to add this module if needed.

Configuring Time Sheets

  1. Defining Activities
  2. Adding User Profile fields to spreadsheet exports
  3. Setting user pay rates

Accounting Work Flow

  1. Creating Pay Periods
  2. Reviewing Time Sheets
  3. Exporting Time Sheets

User Work Flow

  1. Check In and Out of Sites
  2. Clock In and Out
  3. Creating a Time Sheet
  4. Convert Check In's to Time Sheets
  5. Editing and Submitting Time Sheets
  6. Reviewing and Approving Time Sheets (for managers)
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