Entering Data into a Report

  1. Open your report.
  2. Attributes without any existing data will show the "edit pencil" icon.  Attributes with data will display that data.  Click on either to open up the data entry dialog.

  3. Enter your data or modify the existing data in the lower text area.  The upper disabled area will show the currently saved value of the attribute.

  4. To quickly jump to the next attribute in the report, navigate with the arrow buttons, or by holding the "Shift" key and pressing either the left or right keyboard keys.  When navigating with one of these methods, any changes made will be set in the report, but not saved to the database until explicitly done so using the save section button outside of the data entry dialog.
  5. To add an attachment to an attribute, use the "paperclip" icon below the text entry box.  You may select multiple files to upload from the file dialog that appears.
  6. Attached images and documents will appear at the bottom of the dialog.
  7. Attachments may be deleted with the red "x" icon to the right of the attachment.  Images can be edited with the blue icons.  Quick icons are there to rotate the image.  The "edit pencil" icon will open the full featured image editor with options to annotate and crop.  The "A" icon will change the attachments filename.
  8. Click the "!" icon to create an issue associated with the attribute.
  9. Click the "clock" icon to view the attributes change history.
  10. When all changes are complete, hit the "Change" button to keep the changes and close the dialog.  To close the dialog without keeping changes, hit "Cancel".
  11. All changes that have been made will now be visible in the report.
  12. Sections with data that has been changed will be flagged with a red "Save" button.  You must click the "Save" button to commit changes to the database.
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