Connecting puush to a Dropbox account

  1. Log in with an Administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the Administration page.
  3. Expand the "Cloud Storage" section.
  4. Click "Link to Dropbox".
  5. You will be asked to authorize the connection to Dropbox.  Log in if neccessary and click "Allow"
  6. Dropbox is now integrated with puush.  By default, files will be added to a folder named "puush" in the root of your Dropbox files.  You may change this location and click on "Update"
  7. Once you have enabled a Dropbox account, all files attached to deliverables will be synchronized with Dropbox.  Your users will also be able to directly upload files to project/site folders in Dropbox.  These files are not stored in puush.  Files will be placed in folders in the following format:

        "puush -> project name -> site name -> deliverable name"
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