Creating a New Project

  1. New projects can only be created by users within the "Manager" group.
  2. From any starting location, click on the "Projects" dropdown in the top menu.  Click on the "New Projects" link.
  3. Fill out the project details in the New Project page.  Project Templates must be saved from existing projects to be used.  If using a Project Template, the project will be pre-populated with the templates Deliverables and Reports.
  4. To create a project using information and assets from a spreadsheet, attach a file to the "Site File" field.  This field should be formatted with a single column containing a unique identifier for each asset.  Data will be labeled according to the specified header column values.  Here is an example of how a project file might be formatted.
  5. Click "Create" to initiate your project and verify it's data.
  6. When verifying data, you will be notified if any of the assets specified already exist in the system.  Clicking on the red "x" at the top of any column will prevent those values from being imported into puush.  You may edit any data within the verification table.  Click "Verify" at the bottom of the page to finalize your project.  If you've made any changes to the data, clicking "Verify" will refresh the verification screen and require another click on "Verify".
  7. You will be taken to your project's overview screen.  If not using a Project Template, the project overview table will not contain any Deliverables.
  8. To edit your project or add Deliverables, click on the edit icon following your project's name.
  9. To add deliverables, scroll down and click on the "add" button next to "Deliverables".
  10. Fill in the Add Deliverable form to create your first Deliverable.
  11. The Projected Span field is used when a Project Template is used.  This will help pre-populate deliverable due dates based on an estimated time to complete a deliverable from it's preceding Deliverables.
  12. Click "Create" to add your Deliverable.
  13. Click the "add" button next to Deliverables to create your next Deliverable.
  14. To enforce a review step in a Deliverable, select "Require Review" when creating your deliverable.
  15. If an already created Deliverable must be complete before the new Deliverable can be completed, select all of the prerequisite Deliverables.
  16. To edit a Deliverable that has been created, click on it in from the Deliverable list.
  17. You may specify what Deliverables trigger progress flags for your project.  The progress flags control when assets within a project are noted in those stages within the Explorer Map and in status reports.
  18. Click "Update" to save changes.
  19. Return to your project's overview screen by clicking the project name link at the top of the page.
  20. Select any asset in your project to view details on that asset.

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