Uploading files to a Dropbox folder

  1. Navigate to the project you would like to upload files to.
  2. Navigate to the asset you would like to upload files for.
  3. If your company has enabled Dropbox integration, you will see a "Dropbox" link.  If not, ask your administrator to link your account.
  4. You must have "Edit" permission to upload files to the linked Dropbox folder.
  5. Click on the "Upload Files" link.
  6. From the file upload page, you may specify a Deliverable.  If a deliverable is selected, uploaded files will be in the deliverables sub-folder.
  7. You may also type in a sub-folder name, up to 128 characters long.  This folder will be created in the main site folder or, if selected, within a deliverables folder.
  8. Click "Add Files" and select any files you wish to upload.  You may select multiple files if your operating system allow.  You may also, if your computer supports it, drag and drop files onto the "Add Files" button to upload them.  You may click the "Add Files" button as many times as you wish to add additional uploads to the queue.
  9. As files are added to the queue, they will begin to upload sequentially.  Upload progress will be indicated in a progress bar for each file.  When files are successfully uploaded, progress bars will indicate green.
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