Creating new credential categories

Credential categories are defined by company managers.  Users may create credentials for these categories.  Users are unable to create their own categories in an effort to keep credentials standardized across your company.  

To create a credential category, you must first be logged in with a manager account.

Next, from the top menu bar, click on "Company".

Find the "Credential Categories" section.  Clicking on the bar will expand it and show of of your companies currently defined categories.  Click on the blue "+" in the bar to go to add a new category.

At the Add Credential Category screen, enter the name of the category you would like to create.

There will be an option to enable or disable "Obtain through ratings?".  Select this item if you would like to auto-generate this credential for users through deliverable ratings.  This should only be used for credentials that do not require certification.  This should be enabled for categories that you want all users to be rated on.

Click the Add button to save your new credential.

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